Video Games, born of a new Passion!

If you were born after the second half of the XX century, that means you have ever played video games. It something that all the kid nowadays has ever touched in their life.! It is a different way to play between each other, in that virtual world!

There are two types of people when we talk about video games: The one who HATES it and other who LOVES it. To illustrate this subject, we have chosen to interview Kevin, best player at FIFA at the age of 16 who stopped his career to be more concentrate in his study.

So Kevin, when did you start playing?

“In general, most of the kids nowadays plays videogames very early. For me it was about 5 years old. From the very beginning I found a pleasure to play video games. For a child it was very cool to discover this world with all the Mario and Sonic.

Despite I have start very quickly, I think it’s a very bad idea to push your kids start video game at this age. To be stuck on your TV or your device at this age can have an impact on your concentration later. I’m saying that because I’m one of them. For me, it’s just a good way to keep us calm and don’t cry anymore.”

Have you ever faced social problem with video games?

“Of course yes! I have started an addiction to these games very quickly! Every day after school, I directly go put the TV on with my PlayStation that is waiting for me all day long. I used to play about two hours a day! I don’t do my homework, have dinner later and waking up tired. It was very difficult! In class, I was considered as a “geek” and few people were talking to me. It’s like I found my happiness in this virtual world.

Hopefully, my parents were here and helped me to stop and found a normal social life. At this time, I realised that playing too much video games could have a negative impact on yourself, it became like a drug.”

How did you become best player in the world at FIFA?

“When I became more mature and I have shown good grades, my parents let me another chance to play video games. I divided my time equally to have the possibility to play and do my homework. I start to play step by step, and I realised that I were very talented at FIFA.  I decided to start online competition, and without surprise, I won most of them. At the age of 16, I was representing the Paris Saint Germain E-sport club at International E-sport Event. It was very intense that I found difficulties to have time for myself and for my studies.”

Finally, why did you stop you e-sport career?

“I questioned myself for my future, could I continue to play video games at 30-40 years old? it’s quite impossible, that’s why I have decided to stop everything and to retake my future in my hands, because I want to become an engineer, and that will give me an opportunity of success in my life. Video games could be an interesting activity when it is played with moderation, abuse of it and you can fall in it dependence.”

Amine Kharroubi


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