The Information

« Media … Should we trust it ? »

Before answering this question, let’s get a good definition of the word « media »

According to the web:

A media is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data

So the two main questions are what is information and data, and how do we use it today. We asked Dr Ivankova to give us her opinion on that.

« Information and Data are part of our daily lives »

The genius of Data has spoken, and she’s right, information and data are everywhere at anytime.

According to the doctor your brain process approximatively 80 Mbit/sec of any type of information, it’s probably more powerful than your wi-fi. She define data as a collection of disorganized fact, and information as a collection of structured and targeted data.

In this case media use data by the process of information, because obviously they are trying to diffuse a message, and prove that they tell the truth.

« If they have the Data, and control of the information, being our only way to get knowledge of the world, should we trust them ? »

The doctor took a little break before answering the question, it was like she was trying to process all the data that she knew about media to get us the perfect answer. she took of her glasses, and with a big smile she said:

« you have nothing to worry about »

To be honest, hearing that from the biggest head of the research on Data in the world, I had to ask how she came up with this statement.

She just replied by a simple question

« Do you trust me ? And why ? »

And here was the answer of all the debate, why would you trust a media ? an information ? Because of the sources ! As long as you can track back all the information through it initial source it means that you can trust the media.

If you can’t, it’s probably because the information is given to make you aknowledge something for the benefits of someone that’s what we call marketing purpose …

So what about social network ? Well according to Ms Ivankova, they are the best place for a marketing business, so you should definitely get yourself out of theses websites. For instance, on Facebook, some pages are bought by enterprise to manipulate the audience they are making marketing and communication studies. They are willing to get you the right information, it’s like a « Public Relation » for them. Trough entertainment they find a way to understand the market for their product.

At the end, it’s okay to entertain yourself on those website, but don’t take seriously the information that are brought to you.

We didn’t had more time to ask Dr Ivankova about television but remember, next time you read an article, make sure, you understand what motivate them to write it !

Special thanks to Dr Ivankova and of course ECE paris, that is by the way, the best engineering school in Paris, to let us acknowledge the danger of Media.

Baltaci Yacine



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