First day at ECE


Here I was, finally in this classroom. I am sure you can imagine how anxious I was, and how excited I was in the same time : I had finally realized my dream. My name is Jade, and I am telling you my first day at ECE as a physics teacher. On this Monday, September 12th 2016, I had just finished my physics thesis a few months ago, and I could not believe I was finally a teacher. In the class, nobody was talking, the students were waiting for me. I clumsily took off my coat and put it on my chair, and then I briefly introduced myself.

While I was talking, I watched the class. It was spacious, whith white walls and huge windows which let the sunlight come into the room. I also noticed a few students : one beautiful blond smiling girl, a brown boy who wore glasses, another boy behind his computer screen… I then decided to start my lesson quickly. These students were at their second year at ECE, and our first chapter was about energy levels of atomos. When I started to talk, I heard my voice trembling and becoming more and more confident as I kept speaking. With physics, my other passion is drama, and I think they are linked in teaching. Indeed, on the class’s platform, I felt like I was on scene. Actually the common point to me between drama and teaching, is that I speak with my heart in both of them.

I was frequently asking some questions to the students, and I remember I was very stunned by the students’ dynamism. I mean, they were very enthusiastic. For sure you know some horrible stories about teachers working in terrible conditions, with all students talking, laughing, with no interest in the lesson. Well, since this day, I have had my own story. Students were laughing, but not laughing at me or between them, they were laughing WITH me. They asked so many questions during that first lesson, they wanted to learn more about atomos. I understood that the school and the other teachers had succeeded in making them love physics, and I was making them love it even more. I realized I had no reason of being scared. I remember one boy in particular : he was quite little, wore black glasses and a red tee-shirt, and he was passionate. I think he liked me and my way of teaching. At one moment, he asked a question about how atomos receive energy. I explained to him that when an atom gets energy, one of his electrons take it all, and use it to go « party » on stratas further from the core. Of course the electron does not really « party », but this is my way of explaining and he loved my explanation as he laughed so much.

Now I am not anymore a teacher at ECE, I devoted myself entirely at researches, but I will never forget all thoses wonderful memories at ECE.

Josephine Levy


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