An unexpected destiny

Child, I dreamed to play as Platini. I lived in the Parisian suburbs and I just wanted to play football. Indeed, I was bad in school and I wasn’t interested by girls contrary to my friends especially in university. I had rather a good level despite my parent’s wish. During the dinner,  for example, my mother often said “Alex you should work harder at school, the ball will no lead you to anything!” I turned out to be completely insolent for not saying brazen. For me, she couldn’t understand what soccer make me feel. However, she knew it and she was also conscious that I was talented but build a career in soccer is not easy at all, only luckiest succeed. In addition to this, I hadn’t a spare wheel because I didn’t want to work at school, it was so boring.

Some years passed and at the age of 16 my life was broken. I was coming home completely tired after my training so I took a pleasant shower when my father called me. First, I didn’t understand what he was saying. I heard only some words because I put the music to the bottom. I decided to cut it and listen more clearly. What? Mum? This kind of things happens only to others. Why us? It was like the world fell on me. It took me a few minutes to realize. Tears didn’t come because anger entered me. I lost my mum before having make her proud of me.

Without to give up football, I decided to work as never because I was so ashamed. It was a way to apologize even she left us. With the desire to succeed, I integrated ECE Paris, a great engineer college. I was amazingly passionate by health. I can say that it’s was related to my sport. Of course, from my arrival I join the BDS, a sport association where I played football. After a game between another school, a man called me and said exactly “Let me explore your talent!”. In two seconds, I played in Manchester United football club. Fortunately, I have developed my English at school which helped me to integrate immediately the team.  I realized that at 23 my dream came true when Ferguson shook my hand. I participated to 98’s world cup. When I learnt that we won, I thought about my mother and imagined that she would be so proud of me.

7 lovely years later, I decided to quit football and work for other. That’s why now I work in a hospital for sport’s reeducation. My job consists on develop prostheses more and more sensible and restore the taste of life to people who lose everything because of an accident and can no longer practice their sport. I can say that I’m proud even though I regret that the thing which changed my mind was beginning a new life without my mother.

Cynthia QUAYE


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