From Lille to ECE Paris: let’s start a new life!

Since 1919, ECE, an engineering school of Paris in the 15th district, has permitted many teenagers to improve their knowledges and become open-minded. Indeed, the localization of the college enables people to be exactly in the heart of Paris, in other words in the really deep down structure of France. We’ve met Laura, a seventeen-years-old girl who comes from Lille, in the north of France. She explained to us how in only 3 months ECE brought her in a bigger and smartest dimension of life.

“I’ve never realized how closed-minded and stuck in my little town I was until I came to ECE. You know, people are used to talk about the moment of their life, which changes totally everything: the way you act, the way you see the world, the way people appear to you; to sum it up the way you live. It’s exactly what happened to me!” told us Laura. This cute and smiling woman deeply fell in love with Paris and its innumerable historical secrets, buried in the four corners of the capital. “Well, I’ve discovered so many outstanding places! Starting from the big and majestic Eiffel Tower which I’ve always seen in photo until I came to ECE, passing by the Louvre museum and its incredibly realistic paintings, The Luxembourg garden with all its beautiful flowers and trees, the bridge of Arts covered by thousands of padlocks which have been put by brazen couples to sell their attachment in the city of love and lights, or the underground galleries full of memories and antiques. Let me tell you that my eyes are fraught of images I had not seen one hundredth of beauty before!” described Laura, eyes full of stars and a big smile on her face.

More than Paris, Laura has discovered the world thanks to ECE. Indeed, she has the luck to be part of a trip to Barcelona, in Spain. The Park Guëll, the Sagrada Familia, the Houses of Gaudi, the tapas; Laura was immerged for a while in the Spanish madness. “It was incredible to see how Spanish live each day between the blue water of the sea and the green verdure of the mountains!” exclaimed Laura, saying that this experience taught her how to live in community, being part of a Multilanguage’s group.

Moreover, ECE has permitted Laura to express herself. Indeed, thanks to many associations like MYF (Move Your Feet), NoLarsen, or BDS (Sports office), she has improved her way to move and externalize her feelings. Likewise, “shy” isn’t part of her description anymore! It’s now easier for her to communicate with people and to make them understand what she thinks: pretty sure that it is a great turn for her.

As far as I am concerned, ECE seems to be the best way to leave your peaceful little town and climb the ladder to the head of the world. So don’t even hesitate a second, join the team!

ROHART Margaux

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