New monument of the world : ECE

          Everybody on earth, young or old, black or white, Christians, Muslims or Jews; we all know the big, the high, the outstanding Eiffel Tower. I mean, what else can better define France and its lovely illuminated capital that is Paris? Situated in the 7th district, at the border of the 15th, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular monuments in the world. Its location enables it to be well-served by the RER C and the metro 6 – station Bir Hakeim. Meanwhile it’s surrounded by lots of restaurants, engineering and business colleges, nursery and primary schools, other monuments and known places like The Champ de Mars, The Trocadero or many bridges. Speaking of engineering schools, ECE (Electronic Central School) is part of the Eiffel Campus which is composed of many other schools such as ESCE and EBS. Because as it is situated on your way to the Eiffel Tower, you won’t be able to miss it.

          Over the last few years, ECE has become famous as if it belongs to the French heritage. Basically, this school has existed since 1919, in other words since the end of WW1. Therefore, ECE has a historical connotation since it is part of France and world history. Born with the radio, it’s interesting to consider how the school has participated in developing technology through the years. Electronics, automation, data processing, robotics, artificial intelligence or computer-aided design, so many inventions that have changed the world! New technologies aren’t an end in themselves, they are useful for humanity and only bring interest in the innovative solutions they bring to everyday life, to the whole society, knowledge phenomena and the development of our environment.

          Moreover, ECE is surrounded by lots of substructures that enable people to come sightseeing. Indeed, there are about 20 different hotels which can welcome tourists in the neighborhood. As ECE represents a part of the world, it can be defined as a tourist attraction. In fact, millions of people are coming each year to Paris just to see how the school stands majestically among hundreds of buildings. Residences and apartments are full every day, to the extent that tourists used to sleep in their car next to the school in order to see the sun rise on the building: sure it’s an amazing spectacle with the color gradient of yellow, pink, purple and orange! You want a parking place in the 15th district? There is no way you’ll find one! On the other hand, the city of love offers a new way to prove your dedication to your sweetheart. Like the churches of Elvis Presley in Las Vegas, USA, you are now allowed to marry in the amazing and unusual Chapel of the ECE, also a lecture amphitheater.

          Step by step, the Eiffel Tower seems to be completely overshadowed by this outstanding school. Actually, ECE has become the new place to visit. More than a school, you’ll be fully immersed in elegance, fineness and smartness, as the best representation of France!        

ROHART Margaux

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