City of lights

« Paris is a Party », Ernest Hemingway

As the Nobel prize said, when you wander trough Paris, you have no idea how unexpected your journey could be. There is so much thing to do, that it’s easy to lost yourself in this cosmopolitan city. Everybody definitely find a way to enjoy his life in Paris.

One day you could be lunching at the Institute of Jussieu and the other day you’ll be dancing in the Showcase. It’s easy to find something to do in the « City of Lights », however it’s way harder to find someone to share those moments …

«I would love to go to the last concert of Flatbush Zombies, but I don’t know anybody who enjoy them as much as me»- Paul Bulus

Exactly, parisian people are definitely willing to party, but they find no one to party with … And that’s where the NightVision team has been really helpful.

With their new application available on Apple and Samsung product (come on nobody use windows phones anymore !) they’ve developed a new algorithm that allowed you to find people who really enjoy doing the same thing as you do !

« It’s almost like the application knew me, I don’t understand, I didn’t have to put any information on me»- Rimka Beuzer

And that’s where the magic begin, NightVision don’t need any information on you to know what you like. You just have to let the algorithm run for a few days and it’ll analyse every single thing you do. And with some times it find someone who share the same interest, it’s called a « match ».

For instance, if you listen to a specific music, the application will get you a « match » with someone that actually like the same kind of music.

« It’s crazy, I’ve found someone exactly like me !  » – Max Dezed

It’s seem that the application is made to make you meet your own clone … But after all, is it such a good thing ? Do we really want to be hanging out with someone who is exactly like us ?

Of course at the beginning it look like a great and exciting idea, but the result is that 62% of the people who used the app once, deleted it after 1 week. It seem that after all, it’s possible to get tired of « ourselves ».

We ask some people who deleted the application to tell us about the relationship they have now with their « match »

« I don’t give a f*** » – Amine Keh

It was quick and easy to understand, not everybody like this app. But could it be upgraded to a point that no one get upset ?

According to Lorenzo Mamene the CEO of NightVision, « It’s just the beginning, we can always upgrade man ! »

So it look like the application could have a place on the future, but at the moment it is not compatible with our actual society

However on the Sharkroaster Team, we have no doubt, Lorenzo Mamene being a former student at the ECE paris, he will probably overcome the difficulties !

Yacine Baltaci


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