The project Award Ceremony

On December 20th takes place the 10th Project Award ceremony. Several young people are preselected in their university and then present their project at the competition. The winners get the opportunity to find investors if they want to develop their project. If you participated at the Project Award and have not won, don’t worry. There are many other ways to let people know about your creation.

         Let’s take an example : Marie is a 25-year-old engineer leading her own company. Indeed, she is the creator of M’Heart, a device helping premature babies at hospital. We went to see her and ask a few questions about her way for you : « Everything started when I had to realize a project during my 4th year of study at my school, ECE. »

For that year, Marie and her comrades had to choose a speciality in engineering. She took « Technology and Health ». All the students have to work in group and make a device linked to their speciality. Marie and her team chose to make an apparatus they called M’Heart. It is inserted in a special mattress for babies in incubator, and reproduces the baby mother’s heartbeat. It enables the premature baby to stay calm, M’Heart helping him regulate his heartbeat and his breath. Marie and her group succeeded brilliantly in making this beautiful project at school. But how did a simple study project become a machine sold in the hospital market ? When we asked her, she says : « The idea, as well as the realization of M’Heart, pleased the professors who officered us for the project. To be honest, we didn’t seriously think about commercializing M’Heart, it was only a dream. (…) At the end of the year, there were some competitions we didn’t win. But our school thought our project was a very useful invention that could really save premature babies’ lives ! I can say my professors made me believe in my project. I feel lucky they boosted me, and allow me to find the motivation to start my own business. »

The rest of Marie’s group took another way and didn’t wish to continue the project, but Marie found investors who allowed her to develop the device. M’Heart is now used in several hospitals, helping many premature babies.

Maybe some of you too readers, are making a project that could be developed. Marie didn’t win any competition, but she succeeded. Why not you ?

Josephine Levy


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