How sport is integrated into our society?

        When we talk about sport, we remember team sport as football, basketball, and individual sport like tennis and golf. Furthermore, the word sport is also linked to big

athletes in these different discipline such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt or Michael Jordan. But what sport really is?Its the activity which is requires physical but also mental effort. In our modern society, sport is often influence by politics and economics powers.

Why do we practice sport?

First of all, it is proved scientifically that a good health is especially associate to a regular practice of a sports activity. In fact, it prevents many disease and it helps to avoid cancer. For some people, sport is anchor in their routine, it allows them to evacuate all the stress of their active life and to forge their personality by getting stronger.

Sport under economic influence? Second, we can say that modern sport is under an economic influence. Some countries use sport to show a great image of them through the different international events. Its the case of Brazil, who organize the FIFA World Cup in 2014, and the Olympics Games of Rio in 2016. Its a good way to attract tourist (fans) and boost their economic power. Despite this, it also hasnegative impact. In fact, when you organize event of this extent, you need the land required, so Brazil has to raze shantytowns and some people find themselves without roof.

Can we associate sports with politics? Nowadays, a lot of government give an important interest to sport. Indeed, it creates jobs and it helps a lot in the education of the children. It teaches them the different values such as the teamwork, the rules, the victory and the defeat, but also the term of respect, so they the accept differenceand denied the racism. Sport contribute also to resolve social and integration issues: the fact of supporting the same country increase these relation during the big competitions. Moreover, these

international events are an opportunity to reinforce the relations between the countries. Despite this, sport have to face sometimes political problems. An example: the rivalry between Catalonia and the capital city of Spain, Madrid. The Football Club of Barcelona suffers a lot from the corruption. Indeed, Real Madrid Football Club was helped a lot by Franco who wanted the capital to become at the top of the table in Spain competitions. We can also talk about the organization of the FIFA World Cup 2010 stolen by South Africa from Morocco. How to become a sportive? Most of young boys or girls, have an athlete that they admire and want to become like him. Its the dream of a lot of children. But what is the first steps? Its to join a club or start with the school organization. And at ECE Paris, the choice is very large. There is so much sports that you can’t decide what you want to do : it go from football to airsoft, passing by boxing and badminton. Moreover, there are competition between schools of Paris to show who has the best team without neglecting the respect.

So can you become the next Lionel Messi?

Amine Kharroubi


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