A new future for foreign students in Paris


It seems that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. The only solution to confirm this affirmation is by visiting the city oneself. You will recognize that it’s compltly true.

This is the capital of fashion with an important history and heritage. Passing by Notre Dame or the Louvre to see Mona Lisa is inevitable. And if you are interested by food you should eat at the famous gastronomic restaurant of the Eiffel Tower. Don’t forget to taste French wine which is the most appreciated.

Night life in Paris is unique and attractive ! But if you prefer peace you can do a little jogging near the Seine river bathed by the fresh air of Paris.

Parisians can party but work still. For the fourth consecutive year, Paris is ranked «best student city» in the world. The so-called City of Lights welcomed students from every part of the world. This is a cosmopolitan city with open-minded inhabitants. So why not study there ? Nowadays, become an engineer is highly recommended because everything is technological. An engineer must demonstrate him independence, being able to take managerial responsibility and not exclusively in a technical field, to understand society to design products with phase one. Study in Paris will offer you all those qualities.

You can study in the engineer school, like ECE Paris, a high tech campus just next to the Eiffel Tower. To integrate the school or to find housing quickly which are the most important things when you just settle abroad there is, at your disposal, the international school association where foreigners students are helped by ECE’s students. There are many other associations for followers of sports and videogames. But also a finance association and for people who cares about the homeless. To earn money easily you can sign up for JobService. For sure you will find an association in which you will flourish.

You will work in groups for an ambitious project this is an innovative teaching used by the grande école. That’s will allow you to aquire a technical vocabulary specific to your expertise’s field as IT, finance, health… Of course you will have difficulties to communicate that’s why the support is further for foreigns students. More important, life in France is safety and cheap. Indeed, school fees are less expensive than in Australia or in the USA and there is health insurance especially you.

At the end of your studies you could have a double degree and you would have the required profile and for sure many companies would like to enroll you immediatly. At the time of globalization, an international course is more valuable for the recruiter. Indeed, delivered to yourself, you discovered an amazing experience that made you more mature. It was really interesting to discover another way of life because it gave you greater openness. It’s sure that you turned out to adapt yourself and this is today very beneficial for business.

Beside the professional advantage, mastering French allows you to make more easily friends nay more because this is a chic and romantic place. And if you appreciate the Parisian way of life why not settle down here.

So students take the step ! Pack your bags and let’s go to ECE Paris, where everything is possible !

By Cynthia Quaye


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